Foods That Cause Constipation

Many foods cause constipation. These could be your favorites and you may have to make a decision to give some of them up if it spells relief for you. Learn about foods that cause constipation and steer clear of them.

There are some foods that cause constipation. When people have constipation they usually feel a lot of pain, and hurt. Learning what foods to avoid can really benefit the one that has it. Some food items should also be avoided if a child gets constipation a lot. Having a lot of water is something that everyone needs and more so if you struggle with constipation. Listed below are a few of the food items that you should avoid. This is a very limited list but it still help you out a lot if you try to avoid them.

One thing that is very common with foods that cause constipation is having a low fiber diet or either one that the fat is high. Fiber is both insoluble plus soluble. The body has a hard time with digestion with a few things such as grains, vegetables, and fruit. The fiber which is soluble and that can easily dissolve is usually within water, when it goes through the intestines it becomes like a texture which is gel-like and very soft. The fiber that is insoluble often times can not be changed when it goes through the intestines. The soft plus bulk texture with the fiber helps with making it hard, and stools that are dry which make it very difficult when it comes to passing them.
Foods That Cause Constipation

Older adults usually have a diet that is low in fiber. They might experience losing some interest when it comes to eating and pick foods only for conveniences and those food items are often times low in fiber. They also have problems with swallowing or chewing and older people might have to eat soft food because of that reason which they are also low in fiber. People 50 years of age, and older should be careful and talk with their doctor about foods that cause constipation and see what they can take.

A few of the foods that cause constipation and that is low in fiber include: meat, cheese, ice cream, pizza, chips, instant mashed potatoes, foods that are processed, and frozen dinners. A lot of teenagers eat frozen dinners out of conveniences, plus children. If they are having constipation then that should be avoided.

Having a lot of refined or processed food could also cause constipation. Right now you will find many prepackaged meals, and snacks that have this. Sometimes it might be impossible to avoid them so using moderation and cutting back on these kind of foods can help and might stop the constipation from happening.

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