Constipation Relief for Women-The Best Constipation Treatment

Here is a user experience of a beautiful woman who had constipation and flatulence issues

They call me beautiful and I do not disagree; I have been a model working with a reputed ad agency in Canada and has been doing pretty well for myself. I have kept myself fit (or so I thought) and I was always a preferred choice for ramp modeling as a show-stopper. But there was just one embarrassing problem that no one knew- the dreaded constipation. For some reason, I was flatulent, increasingly so; that had caused me a lot of discomfort.

During many times of ramp walk, my gut making noises, getting an unbearable pain in the belly at the oddest of times, as I would feign a smile, only to rush to the toilet. But then, all I would end up was would was flatulent hoots and little ball-shaped stools; and too after a lot of straining. There have been many times, when I had been in no position but to leave stink bombs right in there and look as if nothing happened. Since, I was the good looking daisy, no one would really fathom a guess, that it was me. But then; I have honestly lost out on quite a few opportunities as I had excused myself out of a few assignments because I didn’t feel like it due to this constant inconvenience.
Constipation Relief for Women

Also, I would go to the toilet, once in every two days and even if I would go every day, I would end up coming back without downloading anything (see my humor is intact). But trust me; going through constipation and excessive flatulence, bloating was quite a torture. I didn’t want to try laxatives and stuff because I knew they would do more harm than good. I did go to a doctor finally who gave me some laxatives; I was fine for some days, and the problem returned. I cut down on the so-called forbidden foods like sweets, ice-creams, yeast, broccoli etc but nothing worked. I tried various herbal preparations like mint tea

Finally, I read online about a naturopathic doctor named Kauro Munro; he seemed to be a specialist in treating constipation issues in women. I liked what I read online and also signed up for the free course on how to maintain my gut and get rid of constipation. But since I already lived in Canada, it would be helpful to meet him as well.

The meeting with him was a revelation. He said that undigested food tends to be accumulated in the colon and the bacteria feed on it, leading to more waste and gas build-up, leading to bloating and cramps. Though outwardly, my belly may look ‘hot’, inwardly, my gut and bowel had turned into a garbage bin. Also he pointed to my face and said that though I was beautiful naturally, I may show faster signs of ageing, pointing to the fine line on my face that had begun to make their appearance. I began to understand that good health and life-long beauty depended on the gut and the bowels. He said that the colon has to be cleaned within 24 hours, not more than that; and that if I had bowel movements twice a day, it was even better. Then he put me on a curative regime that made my constipation disappear. I go to the loo twice a day, I feel much better and look even more beautiful (people say so) and there is a definite glow on my skin. Yes, the fine lines are gone.

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There are some natural home remedies to relieve constipation. Drink more water. Eat more fiber, especially soluble, non-fermentable fiber. Exercise more. Drink coffee, especially caffeinated coffee. visit