How to Safely Relieve Constipation Fast in Toddlers

Any parent who has had a constipated toddler will want to know how to safely relieve constipation fast. You can probably imagine how stressful it could get to a baby who cries nearly every waking hour. Constipation causes extreme discomfort for toddlers which makes them very irritable. It is a condition that is hard on the baby, as well as the parents so most people would like to relieve constipation fast if possible.

It is really not that impossible to relieve constipation fast in toddlers. Of course you will have to work with relative regard for the toddler’s delicate constitution. Keep in mind that their bodies are not as developed as ours so what is fast for them is roughly about a day or two.
 Relieve Constipation Fast in Toddlers

Things to Do to Relieve Constipation Fast

There are several things that you can do to help with your child’s bowel movement. Most of the time, simple change in your child’s diet will yield results in a couple of days and relieve constipation fast. You will want to feed them more high fiber food and add more fluid in their diet. Water softens the stool and makes it lubricated enough to pass with little difficulty. Fiber has a lot of properties that promote good bowel movement. They clean up the intestinal passages as well as encourage the absorption of water into the stool to make them, softer and easier to pass.
Fiber as a Way to Relieve Constipation Fast

High fiber food include fruits like apples and pears, these taste great and are thereby easier to feed to young ones. Broccoli is another high fiber food that will help relieve constipation fast. Of course grains and cereals are also high in fiber and are easy to give to children as well. Try to have them eat oatmeal, since oatmeal is among the most fibrous of food and they have been seen to relieve constipation fast.

Fibers and fluids are both natural and safe for your child’s young body. Your child’s body is still developing so you would want to avoid medications that could possibly have an adverse effect on their growth. A quick constipation relief is not impossible for toddlers but always remember that their bodies are different for us and that we really should not rush the treatment too much. Too much of a good thing is also bad and that includes fibers and fluids.
Do This If You Can’t Relieve Constipation Fast

If your toddler’s constipation lasts for more than three days, consult with your pediatrician for more treatment procedures. The only time to use over the counter drugs like suppositories is at the prescription of a licensed professional. When you’re trying to relieve constipation fast, never do anything that you are not sure about on a child’s delicate body, you might end up doing more harm than good.

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