What To Eat For Constipation

Eat For ConstipationFirst of all since you're here on this particular site and searching for things to eat for constipation I believe that it's a great time to take a look at you came to be constipated and why you're here. Frequently the very simplest things in life could be solved by appearing and making some conscious of even the easiest of things that can give them a tremendous gain in their particular lives.

Water is frequently one of these things that people consider one of the most as a right. Drinking enough water might be the keystone to resolving alot of issues. As in this case it's not only in what to consume for constipation but what you should dring for constipation.

So the first thing I want to talk about is water. Are you absolutely 100% sure you are drinking enough water? Water is and will be what most of your body consists of whether you like it or not. So taking this into consideration this is just one of those things that we have to deal with. The earth consists of more water than land and so do we. So what problems can too little water cause? Well a couple of things to notice are your general wellbeing. If you are feeling parched or your lips are dry there could be a good reason to this and water might be the thing you are missing. If you find yourself constantly drinking but not drinking water but perhaps coffee or other drinks you might be going about this in a wrong way. Sodas contain water but they also contain sugar and sugar leads to dehydration in your body. Juice would be a good compromise but contains fructose or “fruit sugar” as some call it. Juice is a better option than sodas by far, but drinking pure water with no additives is still the best option.


Coffee contains caffeine and is often used to get the digestive system up to speed. So how can coffee actually create constipation? The problem arises with dehydration. The caffeine stimulates the nerve system and most of us uses this to get a head start on our day. But sometimes we also can have a tendency to drink too much coffee and if we don’t drink water we can then cause dehydration which then again can cause constipation. And what about those of us that drink lattes? Well, the ratio of coffee or espresso to milk should be a better option but not if you drink too many lattes. And you should also not forget about the amount of calories that just one latte contains. The milk in the lattes also brings up another point that some have reported have made a difference for them. Milk and dairy products are not good for all of us.

Constipation Problems and Dairy Products

Dairy products like yoghurt and milk, whether it be skimmed or whole, is mainly produced and processed from cows. Cow milk is in itself an industry that generates a staggering amount of revenue which again makes room for advertising. Advertising drives sales and makes us believe that milk should be good for us. Milk and dairy products do contain a lot of good components like vitamins and is in some cases a good source for calcium. But for some people dairy products can in fact be the actual source to all the problems they are experiencing with their digestion. There are many speculations as to why this is so. Some are testing allergic to this and some just have a basic intolerance towards these kinds of products. The effects can also be different. An allergic reaction would be an obvious one to spot since so many people would feel a natural cause and reaction relationship but the intolerant person might not notice the effects so badly. What basically happens when a person is lactose intolerant is that the protein in milk and other dairy products cannot be broken down in the body. The reason for this is that there is an enzyme missing that aids in the breaking down of the components so that the body can absorb the nutrients. What happens then is that things don’t go as planned like it usually does and you can end up with constipation. Another symptom of this can be obesity but again we are all individual creatures. Why some things are the way they are is because we should always consult with a doctor before doing something drastic. Anyways it does not hurt to know thyself a little better.

Considering Processed Foods

Processed foods are also something to consider. The background for this as I have come to understand is that once upon a time we humans evolved from living outdoors to living in houses and constructions that we made. But the point here is that we at one time did not eat or have available the kinds of foods that exists now. You think the caveman had hamburgers that he could buy premade at the local restaurant? Of course not. What they ate back then was simple kinds of foods. They hunted and they gathered. When they hunted I can imagine that red meat and fresh fish would have been good sources to nutrients. Have you ever cut into a steak, and watched the fibers inside that food? Well, when you eat processed foods you lose that natural part of how food actually is. Meat that is grinded into slabs of burgers that is quick to cook and even easier to eat don’t exactly give your digestive system much to digest. If you intestines where in fact muscles, and you stopped using those muscles, would those muscles get out of shape? Of course. When you start to look at what we actually eat that gives you a clue to things you have control over and that you can change. You can find out what you need in order to function properly and to function properly you should consider what you eat and how that affects your system.

So in conclusion I want to summarize a couple of things.
  1. Make sure you get enough water.
  2. Try to stay away from processed foods, see if this helps.
  3. Eat vegetables, you can even eat them raw but cooked will do just fine.
  4. Check if dairy is something that you react negatively to.

As always, if you have a condition or you are being treated for something always consult your doctor before making major changes. If you have asked your doctor about problems with constipation before and gotten referred to your pharmacists try to ask for some more natural remedies next time. With some small changes you can go a long way in improving your own life and quality of life.

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